Tuesday, May 01, 2007

May Day Blooms

Pink Paeonie Papaver. My favorite bloom in the garden.

A small bed of 'Rocket' Snaps. This varietal does very well here in Central Florida. Last year they continued to bloom well into July before burning out. These get more shade in this bed than other locations where I've planted them, so I'm hopeful that they'll make it through to fall. I nursed several through the summer and fall in pots, and they're blooming for the second year now.

My familiar. On 'Prosperity', a really nice Hybrid Musk growing on Fortuniana in my garden.

I'm really excited by how well these Foxgloves ('Foxie') are doing in the garden this year. In the past, they've burned out quickly, but I got these into the beds in November, so they're really well established and seem to handing the dry and hot conditions well. Lots of water helps...

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