Sunday, June 21, 2020

Edible parts...

It's buggy, hot, and rainy... hard to grow leaf plants like chard, spinach, lettuce. Which brings us to... what can you eat from all that green stuff growing in your garden... I'll emphatically recommend the new, reddish leaves and tips of sweet potatoes. Batatas are rampant growers and it's easy to gather a few handfuls of leaves a day without really slowing the growth of your sweet potatoes. The leaves are tenderer than spinach with a perfectly nice, slightly nutty flavor. I throw them in soups and larb all the time. I've never tried the leaves of cowpeas, but I plant to, as I have a large batch of volunteers growing in a corner of my yard...

VegetableCommon Edible PartsOther Edible Parts
Beans, snappod with seedsleaves
Beans, limaseedspods, leaves
Broccoliflowerleaves, flower stem
Cauliflowerimmature flowerflower stem, leaves
Celeryleaf stemsleaves, seeds
Corn, sweetseedsyoung ears, unfurled tassel, young leaves
Cucumberfruit with seedsstem tips and young leaves
Eggplantfruit with seedsleaves edible but not flavorful
Kohlrabiswollen stemleaves
Okrapods with seedsleaves
Onionsrootyoung leaves
Peas, Englishseedspods, leaves
Peas, Southernseeds, podsyoung leaves
Pepperpodsleaves after cooking, immature seeds
Potatoes, Sweetrootsleaves and stem shoots
Squashfruit with seedsseeds, flowers, young leaves
Tomatofruits with seeds----------
Turniproots, leaves----------
Watermelonfruit -- interior pulp and seedsrind of fruit

Note: This article reprinted from Vegetable Production & Marketing News, Dr. Frank J. Dainello, editor, April, 2002

Monday, June 08, 2020

Papaya...Spring rains........

Remember when Florida had a dry season, fires, arid days of June? No longer... 

During a brief break in the rain, I added a papaya to my dooryard orchard... Right now, going strong in my garden: Peppers (hybrid banana), okra, eggplant, small-bodied tomatoes, leeks, oregano, thyme, rosemary... I transplanted some Malabar spinach to replace a flagging tomato plant. Experimenting with basil, trying to find SOMETHING reliable for the Florida garden in summer, so I planted some Eritrean basil seeds from Southern Exposure. (I like Thai basil well enough, but it's quite camphor-y!)

My limas and southern peas haven't yet begun to produce.

Nothing going on in the fruit world in June... my guavas, grapes, pineapples, persimmons, and Nesbit grapes are ripening but months from harvest.......