Saturday, August 28, 2010


So... well. Now. Hm. I was so happy to see that my watermelon had started another cycle of blooming and fruiting. I planted it in spring, it produced a nice haul for July, and in August started flowering and setting fruit. Six, to be exact. I was getting ready to pick them in the next week or so. And then, this. Sigh. If you've ever read Sutree by Cormac McCarthy, you'll know EXACTLY what I thought when I saw these watermelons this month. If you know me, you'll know the stream of cursewords that came a moment later. The beast even nipped off the immature melons.

I've decided to be buddhistic about the whole affair.

It's been a weird August. So warm in the evenings that even my limas and yardlongs have been setting poorly. Lots of flowers, prolific growth. Just not a lot of result. The sweet potatoes and peanuts have, predictably, loved all the warmth and rain.

I'm looking forward to fall...
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