Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Let's see now... what's new in the garden...

Garden notes to myself... Early May:
  • I planted okra (Annie Oakley from Pinetree) this weekend (5/6)
  • The New Zealand Spinach is finally up. That's nearly a month to germinate! (Turns out they were a weed... My attempts to sow in situ have all failed. I've gotten a few of these to germinate in small pots, but it takes several weeks. Better be worth all this trouble...)
  • Two words: Chard ROCKS. Plant more of it next year -- I planted it out into the garden at the beginning of December, it's still producing heavily. I don't remember when I started to harvest, but the small 1'x3' square has given me at least three months of picking, probably more. A beautiful plant! Why would anyone grow spinach?
  • I started training the yardlong bean up a twine. Vigorous bugger.
  • Eggplants are really beautiful plants!
  • Tiffany is the winner for full-sized tomatoes. Earlier than Better Boy, much more vigorous than Matina. A lot of them are reddening now; great texture, good taste, though nothing spectacular. These need to ripen fully on the vine to be sweet.
  • Yellow Currant tomato is a monster. It's reached seven feet in a matter of weeks and is branching heavily. The flavor is basic cherry tomato, no better or worse.
  • Peppers are all producing nicely.
  • Chervil goes to seed in early May.I've harvested cilantro (coriander) seeds and dill seeds this week. No reason to mourn their going to seed. I'm going to start some seeds of paploquelite soon as a replacement for cilantro.

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LindaD said...

This is very helpful to me, thanks. We've been here over 25 years and my insides still go according to northern seasons.

I love Pinetree Seeds.. perhaps its because we lived in New Gloucester, Maine.