Friday, December 22, 2006

Have yourself a sultry Christmas...

I spent a warm, humid and very un-December-like morning in the garden:
  • planting blueberries from Johnson's Nursery, two Climax and two Misty.
  • pruning back roses, especially Prosperity, which is still suffering from a bit of black spot and was pretty twiggy.
  • putting some Burgmansias that I've received from friends into the ground.
  • pricking out and planting some plugs of Red Sails.
  • harvesting some baby carrots and turnips, more to thin the boxes than to eat, but they're not far from full-sized.
  • general yard cleanup

1 comment:

Robert Brinkmann said...

I thought it was just me, but I too have been thinking it was exceptionally warm and humid. I don't remember a December this warm in some time. Usually my Xmas decorations blow off from some front this time of, it has been a thin sheet and light blanket December...usually the heavy blankets are out by now...