Sunday, December 10, 2006

A busy weekend...

Let's see, I did a lot this weekend:
  • Planted ten Foxgloves (Foxy) and five Delphiniums, from 4" pots I bought at DeBary Nursery. I don't like buying seedlings, but both of these are a bit of a challenge to grow from seed in time for them to bloom in early spring.
  • Pricked out a bunch of Poppies of unknown type from my good gardening friend Jane.
  • Planted twelve peas ('Cascadia' and 'Knight'): It's been frustrating with these peas: I've planted them twice now, with only a fraction of them getting to the seedling stage. I think I'm planting them too deeply & the mulch smothers them before they can germinate. So this time I put them in six-by nursery flats in straight up vermiculite, then into a mini-greenhouse. We'll see... Should be easy to transplant.
  • Picked a bunch of collards and lettuces. Red Sails continues to be outstanding in my garden.
  • Cleaned up the saplings around my oak trees, laid out newspapers, and covered the area with straw and leaves. I'm going to plant the new Sasanqua camelias that I purchased from the (very much improved) 'Place in the Son' nursery. (I'll leave aside the whole nonsense of a Christian-based business... they run a good ship there and have the BEST selection of camelias and azaleas I've seen in the area.)
  • Planted the two dwarf Citrus (a tangerine and a Hamlin orange).
  • Planted the Flordabell Peach tree.
  • Potted up some of the rooted cuttings from my greenhouse, including a really attractive Begonia I got at a plant trade.


Anonymous said...

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Marcellg said...

I have grown some suprising plants that i had seeds for but no idea what they were, it can be quite gratefying growing something from seed especially a tree or large plant, I have even grown a couple of bonsai trees from seeds but that takes a lot of time, mostly I tend to buy pregrown plants these days even when I decided to I needed a lawn I bought the turf and layed it rather than growing it from the seeds it is much easier.