Saturday, October 14, 2006

The aptly named 'Prosperity', a hybrid-musk climbing rose. I've had it growing in my garden for probably three years—the main cane is now about the width of a wine bottle. It's always blooming somewhere, but when the fine weather of our dry season kicks in, the bush is just covered in huge hands of pure white blooms with vivid yellow stamens and anthers. The fragrance is really unremarkable, though my reference books say otherwise (and commonsense, too—musk roses have long been considered the most odiferous of the garden roses).

It's a very vigorous rose, growing on 'Fortuniana' stock here in Florida.
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Anonymous said...

I am successfully raising heirloom tomatoes in Central FL in the winter in pots on my birdcage lanai. They are heavy with fruit and are turning red. We have already eaten some Consteloto genovese, and some God Love. We have Box Car Willie about to turn red. Started all from seed on 10/3/08 indoors. Transplanted when first leaves formed and put outside. Got our first fruit formation in early January. First red tomato was late January. Have a total of three plants in 5 gal pots on wheels. Used Walmart garden soil and some potting soil mixed. Put cage in each pot. Watered once a week and added Miracle grow to water. Plants are about 4-5 feet tall (2/12/09). In total three plants are bearing about 150 fruit. No insect problems because of birdcage style screening. The only special treatment was to wheel them in if temperature was going to be below forty. By the way, the lanai is on the north side of the house, so sunlight was only available about 7-8 hours per day in mid winter.