Sunday, October 24, 2010

Sweet potato harvest, end of the summer season

A hot day to dig sweet potatoes. My patch was half the size as previous years'--I planted a bunch of peanuts instead. It's hard to beat the sheer biomass of batatas. In addition to twenty-five or thirty pounds of tubers, there's a big pile of leaves and vines cooking in my tumbler. Digging those potatoes, some of which are a foot below the surface, also serves to aerate the soil. I dug in a ton of compost, fertilized, and then planted my winter garden:

  1. Red Ace beets
  2. Super Sugar Snap peas
  3. Javelin F1 parsnips
  4. Sweet Treat carrots
  5. Cherriette radishes
  6. Nantes carrots
  7. Hakurei F1 turnips
  1. Rainbow chard
  2. Brussels sprouts
  3. White sweet onions
  4. Honey Gold potatoes (very small waxy potatoes I got at Publix)
Anyway, I also did general garden cleanup. About eight hours in the garden. With a hell of a head cold. But today was the only break I have before Christmas.

I already had a bunch of broc, lettuce, cauliflower, rocket, and sweet peas growing. Much of what I seeded today won't produce until March or April.

Man, it's DRY out there. I also spent some time adjusting my microsprayer system, so I could reduce the amount of irrigation. Now the system covers half my garden. It's very effective and uses a fraction of the water used by overhead sprinklers.

Wheh. I'm beat.

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Dani said...

Super!! I'm currently gardening vicariously thru you, so keep up the good work :)

Dani in Lake Mary