Saturday, October 02, 2010

An early dry season

An early onset of the dry season. I think it's fair to say that it started last week, after Nicole blew out of the Panhandle and clobbered the Carolinas. In its wake, the weather has been excellent.

Anyone not from Florida will never understand what it's like when the first "backdoor fronts" make it to Florida. Precipitable waters (hanging in the atmosphere) drop from two or more inches to one inch. The dew point falls to the upper 50s. Humidity goes from 60-75% in the middle of the day to the upper 30s. The days are still warm, but the nights are cool. Really perfect weather, and the promise of month after month of even finer weather.
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Andrea said...

I absolutely agree! It's been gorgeous here in Highlands County as well! Love the cooler nights, finally no more A/C!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the interesting website. I found your blog today while I was trying to find the chill hours for Orlando. It was very helpful.

I also have tried Willis Orchards and wasnt
completely satisfied. However they did honor their guarantee and agreed to ship me new trees for the ones that died last year (still to come).

I also recently planted Gulf beauty nad Gulf Blaze plum trees and also after trying various online nurseries came to the same conclusion that JustFruits and Exotics was the best. I have called them frequently for advice and they are always helpful.

I will be interested in hearing updates on how your trees are progressing. I planted many of the same this year (about 30 counting persimmons, pomegrantaes. avocados, mulberries and quince) but am a little worried that they
wont thrive and produce. I picked the lowest chill varieties I could find, but who know, this is all new for me.

Anyway, have you planted any avocados?
I have one avocado tree that i planted 4 years ago and has survived repeated frosts but unfortunately hasnt borne any fruit yet. Last year I put other avocados nearby but to no avail. I'm almost ready to give up on it but I have a fig I also planted about 3 years ago and this year was the first time it produced figs with an
incredible growth spurt.