Saturday, October 02, 2010

More quick shots from the October garden

The "Blue Wind" broccoli Snow Crown cauliflower I planted a few weeks ago, transferred into the garden. I've been very pleased with my new seedling mix, which is about half-and-half pine screenings (from pine fines) and perlite. Aged over the summer in a bucket. Lots of aeration, but excellent water retention.

I have way more yardlongs than we can ever eat, so I'm letting most of them mature for beans.


dfungus said...

How do the beans taste, and how do you like to cook them? We are having the same problem. That plant is so productive right now. We usually pick them and treat them like green beans.

Michael said...

i just cook them like beans... they're a bit smaller, more like lentils almost... but they are very tasty with bacon grease and onions.