Monday, June 29, 2009


Thirty cubic yards. That's how much mulch my tree guy dropped onto my driveway. Now, I need to move said cubits into the garden. I'm using a forty-gallon trashcan to move it. Thirty cubic yards is (according to Google, to which I've outsourced my brain) a mite bit over six-thousand gallons. Forty into six thousand is... a lot. I hope to finish sometime in August.


Randy said...

151.5 trips. That half trip in August will be like a dream. :)

Between July 1 and August 31, there are (surprise) 62-days, of which 9 are Saturdays and 9 are Sundays. This means that you could:
a) Make 2.5 trips every day and get done 3.5 days early
b) Make 8.5 trips every weekend day getting done 1.5 days early, or
c) Make 16.8 trips each Saturday but have to haul an extra 10.8-gals of mulch for the final sprint.

As the Captain in Cool Hand Luke says "Its all up to you." :)

Randy and Alison said...

I love my analytical husband! BUT another option is to use what you need and advertise the rest as free mulch on craig's list. It'll probably be gone before you know it.