Saturday, May 30, 2009

A quick update in words...

Back from a week on the road. The garden is holding up pretty well. Lots of split tomatoes, but that's to be expected. Pleasing and surprising--the tomatoes have also set a bunch of new fruit, hopefully making a miserable tomato season a little less miserable. The peaches are ripening--so many of them that the branches are bent low to the ground. Cuccuzi continue to produce nicely with no sign of mildew/anthracnose. Cukes, surprisingly, are also holding up well, recovering from ten days of rain. The leaves were in pretty bad shape (anthracnose), but they've put off plenty of new growth and set a lot of fruit... Let's see. Peppers are producing, but this hasn't been a good year for me so far. I picked a couple beautiful eggplants today. Broccoli rabe is holding up well. Last of the onions got pulled today. Green beans have been disappointing this year so far, but a bunch are on their way.

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