Monday, May 25, 2009

First peach of the season!

I planted this FlordaPrince peach (from Just Fruits) on December 10, 2006. So, this is the third spring it's in the ground. It's about ten feet tall, and loaded with forty or fifty peaches. I picked the first one a couple days ago after the birds took a peck of it (I figured they knew when it was ripe!). It smelled terrific, and finished ripening on my counter. It ried it today and it wasn't at all as I had expected--I'd expected a tropical peach, which I like (sweet, low acidity, more peach fragrance than taste). Instead, I was surprised to find it was a classic southern peach--lots of peach flavor, nice balance of sweet and acidic, strong fragrance and perfect texture. It wasn't as sweet as it should have been, but that's because I picked it a little early and ate it too soon, I think.
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Anonymous said...

I am intrigued, but afraid to try peaches because of the spraying requirements. How do you handle that aspect of growing peaches?