Sunday, October 09, 2005

Hybrid Musk Climbing Rose 'Prosperity'

left: Prosperity and Don Juan
below: A closeup of Prosperity. The pinkish center fades quickly in the heat of summer, but remains when it cools down.

'Prosperity' is a hybrid musk rose. Very vigorous, free-flowering rose that pulls out all the stops in early March. It continues to bloom, albeit spottily, all year. It makes a fair cutting flower, but there are so many blooms on each stem that it's difficult to work into an arrangement or to use on its own without resorting to wire. Lightly scented. It grows on Fortuniana rootstock here in Central Florida, and is, in my experience, very disease and drought resistant.

I have 'Prosperity' growing in full sun, along with 'Don Juan,' 'Abraham Darby,' and 'Elegant Beauty' at the base of a school bell that I rescued from my grandmother's farm in Bardstown, Kentucky.

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