Sunday, June 09, 2013


Poor bees. With the rain over the last few days, they were getting feisty. I made hay when the sun was shining and I checked the hive yesterday... We'd removed the only super last month when harvesting. I found the hive thriving yesterday, sticking wax everywhere, clearly begging for more space. I put the excluder and super back on.I'd be surprised if I don't get another harvest at the end of summer, though I guess we'll see.

I'd forgotten to get some extra foundation, and so I'm a few frames short up top, but I'll rectify that later this week. I did find some dead bees stored away in between the inner and telescoping outer cover. They looked freshly dead. Dunno what that means, but it was only perhaps a score.

Looks like I have a happy and productive queen, in any case.

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Las Vegas Pest Control said...

Lucky/unlucky for you, the rain out there must really affect the insect population. Where I live the heat provides optimal weather for those bees and other insects to strive. They simply find shade and never have to deal with harsh rainy weather knocking away their homes. Nice and dry.