Saturday, June 02, 2012

The Summer Garden in Florida

Let's see... right now, the only things going on in my garden: More tomatoes than I can eat or give away. Lots of red onions (very happy with these--I started them in August as seeds...). Kale, surprisingly still growing and good. It's Tuscan. Eggplants are setting fruit. Peppers coming along...

Ripped out the squash. Need to rip out the cukes.

Ripped out my old green beans and planted yardlongs (Black Seed) and Calabash Gourd (hyb Lattoo). Cleared some room in my salad spot and sowed amaranth (Green Pointed Leaf) and Oriental Spinach (India Spinach Beet). All from Evergreen.

Summer is here! Sweat! Afternoon showers... I need to fish!


Mikki said...

All I have left are tomatoes, peppers, and watermelon vines..
My tomatoes are busting due to too much rain water and I'm still chasing bugs away..
Gardening in CF during the summer :-)

scottsdale fire systems said...

People love it there. The season fits the place for activities.