Sunday, April 29, 2012

Late April in the Central Florida Garden

My tomatoes are still a couple of weeks away from ripening. Plums are almost there--I'll probably pick one tree this week and let them ripen on the countertop. (Well, plums don't get sweeter, but their texture improves after picking so long as they're not mishandled or refrigerated.)

We picked six pounds of peaches and three pounds of blueberries. (Not from my garden! But from local you-picks in Lake County: Valley View Vineyards and Blue Bayou Farm. Both are located near the delightful Yalaha Bakery, itself worthy of a destination drive...) So, sometime today I need to find the time to make a couple pounds of peach preserves. My wife is going to bake my favorite peach pie tonight!

Anyway, very prolific time in the garden. I've been picking vegetables for supper every night. In addition to the crops below, I'm still managing to harvest a decent yield of broccoli, lots of chard, and plenty of Tuscan kale. A few cucumbers, but the season for them is just starting.

All this (and fruit!) from three small garden plots, none of them larger than fifteen by thirty feet.

My fig tree is just packed. I really hope I get a good harvest this year!

I recently planted a few eggplants and peppers... But the garden is full now and I'm going to travel most of the summer again, so I'm not going to do much in the way of a summer garden. Just some crowder peas, eggplants, hot peppers, sweet potatoes and peanuts.


big rich gardens said...

Hey!! I'm over here in Orlando, and every year I try to grow squash, I get killed by the bugs. Trying to use no chemicals or anything...I've considered Neem Oil, but I don't want to disturb my soil community. How do you get your squash to grow successfully? I think I'm going to step away from squash or until I find a good variety for my area.

Michael said...

ultimately i think success with squash rests on healthy seedlings, ready to go into the garden in mid- or late-february. i really like slick-pik and pum ae squash. you can google them.

squash are heavy feeders and require thick mulch here. ideally they should have lots of airflow and full sun exposure right after they are watered.