Saturday, April 07, 2012

The April Garden in Central Florida...

A quick update in pictures...

As usual, Slick Pik squash is the first of the season. Pum ae is coming along, too. For whatever reason, Slick Pik doesn't tend to produce lots of male flowers but goes straight to females. Much earlier harvest.

Green beans... These are Kentucky Wonder. I have some scarlet ones that are blooming heavily already.

So many figs. More than 200. Gosh, I hope these ripen. Last year, they fell off the tree suddenly... But these are almost ripe and show no sign of drop. (Fruit drop is pretty typical for all fruit trees before they reach full maturity.) My persimmon tree is loaded with blooms, too. 

One of my Gulf Series plums... I have hundreds of plums this year on three tiny trees. 

I use metal conduit, rebar wire mesh, and zip ties. Best tomato "cage" ever. the gaps are around four inches, so easy to reach through. As the tomatoes grow, I weave the growth into the spaces. Last year, the tomatoes outgrew the six foot wire, so I used more zip ties to affix bamboo canes to the wire, and that worked out pretty well... Lots of fruit. The Juliettes are nearly ripe... 
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Anonymous said...

Thank you for the posts. They have been very helpful. I garden in Tampa and I must say gardening in Florida can be quite challenging mainly because most of the advice is from up north. I have a few questions:
1. Type of Fig tree you grow?
2. My squash only flowers never produces fruit. Any suggestions.

Wendy said...

Grow on with your bad self. The garden looks great!

big rich gardens said...

Nice looking Garden!