Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Quick March Update in Pictures: Beans, tomato staking in Florida, and spring flowers

The floriferous side of the garden. 

St. David blooming under Earligrande peach. 

I love the red Knockout roses. But I hate the pink ones. 

One corner of my garden is infested with pansies. I've never had this happen. I use the hybrid ones in pots during the winter for a spot of color. I guess one of them wasn't sterile! And now it's reverting back to its crosses and to its natural heterogeneity. I probably have 200 seedlings, everywhere in the garden. I wish they'd started to bloom a little earlier, since we're nearing the end of the pansy season.

Concrete reinforcement wire ($8), two steel electrical conduits ($2 each), and a handful of cable ties (pennies). One length of concrete reinforcement (five feet?) is enough to stake five tomato plants. The "cage" is only five feet tall, so I'll have a problem come mid-June when some of these plants will reach severn  feet... But, I'll deal with the problem then. 

Slick-Pic from Johnnys. I planted these seeds seeds on February 20. So, less than a month, and the plants are three feet wide and filled with baby squash. Moreover, most of the blooms are female and most of them are setting. That's what makes it an early variety. I notice that Johnnys sells these on their earliness, not on flavor. But, let's face it, I've never eaten a bad fresh squash. I have several cukes flowering, too. 

Beans are up--nearing three feet. I got these in extra early this year, and they should be producing in the next two weeks. 


David The Good said...

Looking great. I can't believe your beans are that big.

Tabatha said...

me either. My garden is looking putrid despite my best efforts.