Sunday, March 06, 2011

Early March in the Central Florida Garden (update in pictures)

Tomatoes are a bit smaller than I'd like, but they're growing quickly. 


With all the cold this winter, my Lady Banks yellow rose (Rosa banksiae var. lutea) is blooming very well.

 I love this combination of Seminole Rose and Chinese wisteria, though both plants are evil, wicked things the rest of the year.

Sunshine Blue blueberries... heavy bearing, even in a container. Easiest blueberry by far. 

One of my Gulf-series plum trees. The two that are in their second year are loaded with fruit.  

Earligrande peach. Way ahead of my FlordaPrince, as the name implies. Second year in the garden. I left approximately fifty fruit on the tree, and culled the rest. I'm always astonished how prolific and quick peaches are. 

One of my plums. It went in the ground at the same time as the peach (above). Much slower growth rate, but it looks ready to bear (relatively) heavily this year, probably twenty-five fruit. 

I nursed this Osteospermum through the summer, in a large pot. It's very large now (three feet in diameter) and loaded with this lovely blooms. 

First squash should bloom in a couple of days. Slick-Pik from Johnny's. 


A bit of my new, front-yard bed. 


Anonymous said...

I'd hoped you would update this weekend. Things are looking beautiful! It's an awesome time of year for gardening, with everything in bloom. :)

Unknown said...

Your post makes me want to add more fruit trees!!! They are so pretty! We now have 7 blueberry bushes (1 snowflake, 1 powder blue and 5 unknown) that are still blossoming (Gainesville) and 2 tangerine trees. We may look at adding blackberries and /or research plums and peaches.

mrsggs said...

Love your blog makes me want to move out of Michigan.

Wendy said...

Thank you so much for the informative updates! I always look forward to reading your posts and viewing the photos. It is hard to find folks in Florida who garden + blog. I loooove the Osteospermum... it is a beautiful color combo. I love seeing the fruit trees. Do you eat the borage?

Wendy said...

I've tried three times now to do a comment, so lets see if this one works.

I love the update. It's so helpful to see what other Florida gardeners are growing --- especially stuff you can eat ;) Keep it up!