Sunday, January 16, 2011

Seeds planted today

A quick note... Among many other things this weekend, I planted:
Pack I (6 seeds per item)
1) Johnnys Hybrid Slick Pik squash
2) Tien Chin Long (Asian hybrid cuke)
3) Suyo Long (another long Asian hybrid cuke from Johnnys)
4) Tasty Jade (cuke)
5) Shishito Peppers
6) Sweet Treat Hybrid Peppers (Tomato Growers)

Pack II (6 seeds per item)
1) Sweet Cayenne (Tomato Growers)
2) Tacoma stans
3, 4, 5) Zahara Zinnias (a mix called "Raspberry Lemonade")
6) saved seed from my Liatris, which bloomed very well this year


Brittany S said...

Are you planting these seeds outdoors now? Wondering if it still may get too cold in Orlando for cucumbers and peppers planted now.

Michael said...

nope--planted in a cell pack. an experiment with the cucurbits. i usually direct sow these at the beginning of march, when i plant my solanaceae. but i have extra seeds, the seeds themselves aren't that expensive and the trouble is why not try to get a head start? last year i had great success growing squash in large nursery pots, in a super-draining mix.