Thursday, January 01, 2009

Cool season seeds for flowers...

I started yesterday, in my Parks seed starter...
1 Calendula
2 (ABC) Ivy geranium (wonderful!)
2 (DEF) Ringo Scarlet Geranium (both geraniums from Swallowtail)
3,4 Gaura 'The Bride'
5, 6, 7 Candytuft 'Dwarf Fairyland'

And a big flat of snapdragons...

These are all plants that have proven reliable for the spring/early summer. I direct sowed nasturtiums.


Alan said...

I like nasturtiums, especially in the vegetable garden where they can add some color. The climbing type are also nice in a hanging basket.

I believe I have discovered the key to not buying so many flowers in the winter time. Stop taking my daughter with me when I go to garden centers! She says "daddy, can we buy some flowers?" and my brains fall out. {laughing}


Just the Right Size said...

Hi Michael! It was good to see you at Mary's on the 1st! Whenever you're ready for that pepper jelly recipe, just drop on by!