Thursday, January 08, 2009


Fiesta. That's the kind I planted. Fiesta broccoli.


Dennis said...

Hello CFG, My name is Dennis and I live over in Ocala. I've noticed that a lot of great blogs are from up north (they seem to take gardening more seriously up there)but it's nice reading a garden blog from someone who has the same climate as yours. So I've been checking you out for a while. I got your link through Skippys Veggie Garden.

I actually just planted my second batch of Broccoli last week. I planted the first batch back in September and my family went through 20 plants in about 2 weeks. Unbelievable tenderness! And delicious! The kind I planted: Premium Crop Hybrid from R.H. Shumway's.

If you get a chance, check my blog out:

Alan said...

I've got some Fiesta out there myself. My first time trying it, but so far it's doing OK.


Dennis said...

So how'd the plants hold up? It got down to 22 degrees here in Ocala and I'm thinking I should of covered up my celery, they don't look too good. Even my onions look a little off. I didn't think I had to cover up the cold weather crops, I guess I was wrong.

Christine Young said...

I wasn't quite sure just how cold tolerant the winter veggies are so I covered my garden plants with lots of sheets. So glad I did because I saw a nearby garden containing only broccoli plants get completely destroyed. I live in the DeLand area and the temps stayed at 24-25 for too long! I had a funny feeling that this was going to be an unusual winter when we had that long premature cool down in November.