Saturday, September 13, 2008

Fall planting begins...

A pretty pleasant day, all things considered. It was around ninety, but the relative humidity was lower and there was a nice breeze out of the north-east. I did a lot of maintenance work around the garden (weeding, whacking, mowing), but found time to plant the following:
  • Seafoam Chard
  • Champion Collards (from Southern Exposure)
  • Broccoli de Cicco (S.E.)
  • Chervil
  • Parsley
  • Apollo Arugula (T&M)
It might be too early, but the forecast for the next week is the upper 80s and dry, so we'll see. The real hazard is still bugs this time of the year... Usually I start my vegetable seeds in cups or pots, but I direct-sowed these, since all the seeds are large and the soil is well tilled and covered in pine needles. Next up, beets and carrots. Then, a bit later, lettuce crops.


Randy and Alison said...

How do you eat your chard? As a raw green or a cooked veggie? Is it good in salads? I've heard of so many people growing it but since I've never eaten it, I'm not too big on taking up garden space for something we won't use.

Michael said...

chard--like spinach, only it tastes good... no, seriously--you can sub chard for any spinach, adjusting for the fact that chard nets a lot more once cooked. doesn't disappear, like spinach.

this is my favorite: