Saturday, July 19, 2008

Tomatoes and Peppers

Today, for fall/winter garden,I planted some Solanaceae:
  • Nepal tomato
  • Black Plum tomato
  • Jetsetter tomato (these three tomatoes were recommended highly for fall planting on the Florida GardenWeb forum)
  • Sweet Spot X3R Hybrid pepper
  • Little Fingers eggplant
And, because I had some seeds, papalo and epazote to replace my exhausted herbs.

Most of those seeds were purchased from Tomato Growers Supply. Or search this site for other sources.

I've only ever had modest luck with fall-planted tomatoes. This time, I'm going to grow only the three above (and probably the couple of Sun Gold tomatoes that have been growing since early spring -- they will continue to produce until frost, if I let them). Give them a ton of room and a strong pole.


Cara said...

Good luck! My mother, who lives four or five blocks from you, says she can only get her tomatoes to grow in the fall. (But, I think its still a relatively thin crop.)

Russell Kearns said...

I have a lot of luck. The key to growing them is to dig a large hole 5 gal size, get rid of the Florida soil and fill it with miracle grow potting soil. Use plant food for (tomatoes) they need manganese it is very important. My panting date is usally by holloween. I buy the broken bages of potting soil at Lowes or HomeDepot to help with the cost. GOOD LUCK!!!