Friday, July 18, 2008


I fertilized them today, lightly, with HOLLY-TONE PLANT FOOD from Espoma. Low in nitrogen, especially for the ones I just planted.

I need to rip my Brightwell out and put it into a pot to be closer to the Climax. Right now, they are at the opposite ends of the row. These are the two last Rabbiteyes I have left; the rest are all Southern Highbush. I fair amount of money to learn a lesson... (That said, the Climax is growing the best of the bunch.)

I need to fertilize these again at the beginning of October.


Doug said...

Why did you pull out the rabbiteyes? There are several blueberry farms growing brightwells and powderblues successfully in citrus county, FL area. I'm curious since I'm about to plant some on my farm.

Michael said...

i just found them to be a lot less vigorous and forgiving of my neglect... SH are much easier so far...