Wednesday, November 21, 2007

My final order from Willis Orchard

  • Southern Bababerry Raspberry Plant - 2 Year (6 plants)
  • Anna Apple Tree - 2-3' Seedling (2 plants)
  • Dorsett Golden Apple Tree - 2-3' Seedling
  • Hood Pear Tree - 2-3'
  • Seedling Black Beauty Mulberry Tree
  • Grenada Pomegranate Tree - 2-3' (3 year Fruiting Size)
  • FlordaPrince Peach Tree - 3-4'

About $130 total. I like the fact that their shipping is straight-up 25% of the total order. I got small seedlings in case I decide to espalier these... I'm still waffling.

My 3' tall peach tree hit 12' after one season this past year, so I decided to go inexpensive and get seedlings. I might have to wait an additional year, but the small trees will give me the chance to decide on initial pruning schemes.

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