Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Begonia heracleifolia

I've been looking for the scientific name of this begonia for a long long time...

B. heracleifolia (Sunderbruchii)
Origin -
Species 1830 Mexico by Deppe-Schiede
Description -Rhizomatous - Large bright green star shaped leaves with a hint of burgundy. A must in the South Florida landscape.
Flowers - Profuse light pink flowers on tall spikes that bloom late winter to spring.


Anonymous said...

I keep killing my begonia here in Merritt Island. I think I gave it too much love and water over the hot summer. How often do you water these beauties?

Michael said...

neglect! i NEVER water these guys, tho they are in partial sun. yes, that means that they die back a bit in june and again in august, but they look great the rest of the year.