Saturday, January 06, 2007

Tomatoes planted...

Today, I planted:
  • Four each of Tiffany (VFNT Hybrid), Matina (very early, good flavor), Sun Gold (the folks over at GW rave about it)
  • Two each of Matt's Wild Cherry and Yellow Currant
Given that it's about 80 degrees out, the tomatoes should germinate pretty quickly...

Update: January 15. Indeed, quickly did they germinate:Tiffany seems to be the slowpoke of the bunch, but rest are up and ready for spring.


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

How are you starting your seeds? are you using a seed starter kit? or do you do it the old fashioned way? I work in customer service at one of the gardening catalog companies, and people order those seed starters all the time. My gramma always did it in little cups. I wonder how the success rates would compare?

Alan said...

With the weather we're having this year I'd probably be safe seeding my peppers right now, but I suspect we're going to get the usual late freeze so I'll wait another week or so.

Of course I've still got the peppers I planted last spring growing in the garden outside so maybe I won't have to start any this year! {laughing}.

Nice looking blog.