Friday, January 05, 2007

Florida Weave questions - Growing Tomatoes Forum - GardenWeb

Florida Weave questions - Growing Tomatoes Forum - GardenWeb: "I used 2x4s, 2x2s, and lots of chainlink fence toprail. I got the toprail from people on the FreeCycle website (there are FreeCycle sites for nearly every community and they are a good source for that sort of thing). The toprail works great when used as the poles in the middle of the rows, it comes in 21 ft. lengths so each makes three 7 ft. poles. The 2x4s worked great on the ends of the rows but they are difficult to get into the ground. Next year I think I will buy t-posts and toss the 2x4s, I will keep the 2x2s and toprail.
I am using grass rope between the poles and it has taken less than two rolls to support 142 plants. My Peppers, Eggplants, and late Tomatoes are in cages.
My first twine is 12 inches from the soil and spaced at 10 inches after that. To allow the twine to hold onto the poles I drilled holes and inserted a 4 inch piece of dowell rod through the poles.

I spaced my rows 4 ft. apart, and 3 ft. between my plants. This would be the minimum distances I would recommend, next year I think I will go with 5 ft. and 4 ft. Spacing the rows at 4 ft. worked well until late in the season when some of my plants reached the top of my 6 ft. poles and started back down. At that point I had to do some ducking in just a couple of walkways.

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