Sunday, November 12, 2006

Oxalis triangularis

After a little less than a year growing in a smallish pot, my Oxalis triangularis needed to be repotted. I started with around a dozen corms in a nine-inch pot; with a little care and a lot of patience, I pulled no fewer than five dozen pencil-eraser-shaped bulbs from the pot today. Some I shared, some I transplanted to shady corners around my patio, some I gave away to friends. Posted by Picasa


Anonymous said...

I recently tried repotting my Oxalis Triangularis and as I pulled some out of the pot some of the stems broke from the roots. Do you have any tips as to resurect my plant? I have them sitting in a container of water and they see okay for now. Should I wait till they root in the water and then try to replant them again? Any tips? I love my plant but sadly don't have much of a green thumb.

Michael said...

I doubt they'll put off roots, but who knows? Drop me a note if they do!

The plants will readily come back from the bulbs (they look just like pencil erasers) you left in the soil. (I think they're corms, technically, but it doesn't really matter.)

It takes a few weeks, even months if the weather's cold. Moisten the soil well, but let it dry out between watering. Put in a warm, sunny spot.

Wendy said...

Awesome. I recently discovered this plant - dug it up from my yard and potted it. I'm excited! I'm in St. Petersburg. I used to live in Orlando.