Friday, October 12, 2012

Persimmon season!

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Taigamom said...

Hi, from Tokyo!
My hobby is growing fruit trees in my tiny garden. They are mostly varieties developed in Japan, but I also grow pawpaws, feijoas, jaboticaba, as well as common guavas.

You have such a large garden - it looks like a park to me and I am so envious! At the same time, I do admire your taste in the choice of template. (It is exactly the same as mine! Even the simplicity of the screen is the same! I hate my space being clattered.)

I have started my current blog recently and there are not many posts yet. However, if you have questions on any of the plants I grow, I should be happy to translate. I have a persimmon, a variety called "Yubeni (evening crimson)". It is a relatively new variety and it produces fruits without being pollinated. As a result, its fruit contains none or only 1 stone. My persimmon plant is new and young but I am hoping that it will start flowering from next year.

Please come and visit me.

Anthony Brooks said...

Hi thanks for posting tthis