Sunday, March 11, 2012

Sprinkler solution for Florida garden...

Someone in the comments asked for a picture of my DIY sprinkler system. Five minutes, a few dollars, and no tools (except a hacksaw or PVC cutter). The hose-to-PVC adapters can be hard to find in the hardware store. Just ask. The Orbit flush head 360° is attached using a slip-to-thread, which is nice, since Orbitz sells a lot of different risers, allowing you to change the height of the head without redoing the PVC. The sprinkler head is adjustable, allowing you a narrow or broad circumference of your irrigation field. So, in other words, like all good plans, later adjustment is built in. In the lower right picture, you can see that I've split the water flow between the overhead sprinkler (perpendicular) and a Mister-Mister system that waters some corners of another bed that's beyond the reach of the overhead. More than enough water pressure to run both. In fact, my back bed (which is larger, about sixty by thirty) sprinkler system consists of two of these overhead sprinklers hooked into a hose (and ultimately into a timer). Water pressure is more than high enough to run both Orbitz heads at full capacity... Later this spring I'll cut another split into that back-bed system and run some drip heads to water my apple and persimmon trees. 

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Julie said...

Hi Michael~

I need a new watering system! It looks like you are explaining this very clearly but i can't quite get what you are describing. Can you dumb it down for me ; ))

How is the sprinkler head attached? Where is the slip to thread connection? I'm trying to understand how you change the height of the head without redoing the PVC. And a flush head sprinkler body means that it is NOT a pop-up?

Appreciate your help!