Sunday, February 26, 2012

Rainy end of February...

Gardening in the rain today... A week or two early, I got some smallish tomato seedlings into the beds. Mostly Juliette (hands-down the best, most prolific, most "usable" tomato I've ever grown), Jetsetter and Magic Mountain. I have forty or fifty more seedlings--at best I'll use a quarter of those. Tomatoes get so large here in Florida.

Noticed that my red onions that I grew from seeds have started to swell. Beets are nearing harvest. Carrots look good. Broccoli is providing a lot of side shoots now that the main crop has been harvested. I have a few more cauliflower out there--as I clear them, I'll replace them with tomato seedlings.

Yesterday I started my cukes and squash for the spring: Slick Pik squash and several kinds of asian long cucumbers. I need to plant my beans now!

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Dave said...


Where can I get a couploe of the Juliette tomato plants? Also, what kind of tomatoes are the Jetsetter and Magic Mountains? I can not find any of them in the box stores around Wesley Chapel (Tampa area). I am having a problem with the two plants I have planted and the Ag Ext here looked at the pictures and said it was a worm and what to use to kill it. However, after spraying the plant, it and two more still curled up and died. I think it was some type of disease. Do you have an email that I can send you the pictures and see what your thoughts are? My garden is so small(along side of the fence along my house) that I can only plant a few plants. I like tomatoes and pickles. Thanks.
David Kramer and