Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Growing Snapdragons in Central Florida

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In my garden i can`t grow snapdragons. They need something special or i don`t know, some conditions?

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Snaps are a BREEZE for me... they need abundant sun, well-drained soil (no problems there), and sometimes some support (tho i often let them flop and then they grow bushier). timing is probably the hardest thing--they take FOREVER to grow from seed. 

In my garden, all the snaps you see are volunteers from last year's crop. (Consistent irrigation (not TOO much water) is key here: When they germinate, they need damp soil.) They typically infest beds, and I pull out hundreds of seedlings every year. I also collect seed and plant it in windowboxes in September. They take a hundred plus days to mature... and they stay tiny most of the time. but as soon as the weather warms, they take off. The ones that I plant in windowboxes get transplanted throughout the garden.

My experience: They transplant well, are reasonably low in their water needs, bloom from the beginning of March (earlier, sometimes) until mid-June. SAaved seed is HIGHLY variable. But charming in its outcome: I have some peach and yellow picoteed ones out there now.  

At the end of the season, let the seed pods dry thoroughly before ripping them out... 


Unknown said...

They grow well for us too. My daughter things it is fun to "tip the seed cups" over and plant the seeds. A batch always seems to come up and it the patch is getting slowly bigger, but hasn't taken over yet.

Cheryl M said...

I came here from Minnesota and love snapdragons. They grow so easily in Minnesota. I planted seeds in pots and put them on the lanai. It has been 2 months and I have thinned them twice, but they are only about 2-3" tall. My gosh in Minnesota they multiplied so fast I had them all over. They grew in rocks, dirt, between the cement cracks of the driveway. I have watched and cared for these but they are growing so slow. Can I take these small 1"-2" seedlings and transplant them when they are so small? I hate thinning them and throwing the picked ones away! I can put them in more pots I have.
Will these eventually grow up to actually produce flowers?