Thursday, November 12, 2009

Potting Mix

My new potting mix is a 5::2::1 pine fine::perlite::peat mix. It’s really doing the trick for me… I’m in the midst of repotting all my plants—rinsing off the roots, trimming them aggressively, and moving them into this new mix. The results are impressive. I just bought a Siphon Mixer - Fertilizer Injector off of eBay ($17 delivered!) that will allow me to fertilize every time I water.


tz said...

Where do you get pine fines in Central Florida? I have looked at the big box stores in the Daytona area where I live and can find nothing called pine fines or soil conditioner. I would like to use Al's mix (from Gardenweb) but can't find pine fines.

Michael said...

Google "Bolling Forest Products"--it's just south of Sanford, a quarter mile off of I4. Like, $3 for a big bag of fines.

tz said...

Thanks for the info. I've been using Miracle Gro Potting mix, but would like to try something different in the spring.