Thursday, October 15, 2009


My poor winter crops! They'll make it through, but it's been tough going for brassicas, lettuces, etc. Surprisingly good tomato set, though, despite the warm nights. Really a dreadful October so far...

NWS climate report.
Climate...Vero Beach set a new record high at 94 degrees today
breaking the old record of 90 degrees last set in 2002.

Orlando and Vero Beach also have extended their streaks of
consecutive days with high temperatures 90 degrees or higher to 10
and 11 days respectively which are new records for the month of October.
The radishes and peas I sowed over the weekend are already up, so the cooler weather that's headed our way is particularly welcome.

I notice that this is post number six-hundred.


Meems said...

"dreadful October"... good description. My peas and radishes that I 'waited' to plant until late September are withering seedlings... I may pull them up and start over. Let's hope November doesn't turn as cold as it was last year... but the cool front will be so welcomed... if it ever gets here...

Family Fun Garden said...

We planted our first family vegetable garden this year. Your bad news has become my good news. I thought the HOT weahter was the cause for some withering. I have some store bought plants for a "salsa garden" that are doing well. I planted some cabbage that is very wilted. We also planted some snap peas this week. I am planning on planting radish and beets over the weekend. Maybe waiting nother week for cooler wether is good idea?

Steven Hunt said...

Hello, I am finding your on blog an invaluable source of information. We have a small ecological landscaping and aquatic restoration business in Orlando.

Our goal is to grow food for our people and their families. We learning permaculture methods, and I long been fascinated by the 'chinampa' technologies developed by indigenous peoples in Southern Mexico in the pre-conquest era--through which they developed agriculture adjacent to canals and lakes because of the wicking effect made irrigation unnecessary, even during drought.

Would like to consult with you on some issues, and I will continue to comb your archives for pertinent information.

Currently, I am embarking on an edible mushroom growing project using straw.