Monday, September 28, 2009

Very quickly...

Some random notes...
  1. It's fall. We have a beautiful week on tap.
  2. I will never again plant cukes in the fall. The stinkbugs did them in, quickly. I came out one morning to find no fewer than fifty on one plant. And the summer squash. Those, too, done in by the stinkers. I could spray them with Sevin, but I prefer not to spray my cukes.
  3. I finally found a source for pine fines... about thirty minutes away, but right off of I4, so often enough I could stop by for a carload. $3 per forty-pound bag. Bolling Forest Products.
  4. Cowpeas and yardlong beans are declining. That means I'll have room for some peas and potatoes in October.
  5. Did a minor feed today.

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