Saturday, August 08, 2009


The first Nesbitt grapes of the season have ripened. Mmmmmm... Sweet. Not at all muscadine-y, though for me that's not necessarily a plus. I'll have 50 or so this year, and thrice that number next. The vine has really put off some impressive growth over the last month.

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Randy said...

I *love* muscadines! I just picked my first handful (~10) this saturday while my wife & I were expanding one of our gardens. They were a delicious refreshment during a hot sunny day.

We tried making a dumb lacto-fermented faux wine last year (thanks WAPF!), but the yeast ferment on the top gave us the willies so we dumped it out. This year we'll try to make a grape juice recipie in the latest edition of Countryside magazine.

BTW: I've been making a batch (64-oz) of that yeast-based ginger ale about every week since you posted that recipie. Thanks! It has to "age" from Sunday to about Wed or Thurs in the fridge before the flavor mellows and blends. We're having a friend over for dinner (a 100% homegrown dinner w/ roasted and herbed chicken, butternut squash and okra), so I wanted a homebrew drink to go with it. It'll be another batch of that ginger ale. :)