Monday, October 22, 2007

Let's see here...

Busy weekend. But I managed to do some basic maintenance & plant... Cherry Bomb Radish, Detroit Red Beets, and Upland Cress. About a square foot of each. This coming weekend, I'll need to find the time to transplant the geraniums & herbs that I planted last week.

Busy week, and forecast to continue in the doldrums with hot & wet days. This Friday I hope to cut out of work (gotta get rid of that pesky job!) and do some fishing in Mosquito Lagoon. But Saturday should be devoted to work in the garden and yard, including mowing and weeding. Gads, I hate mowing in late October!

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Anonymous said...

What ever you do, stay off of the islands at night. The fish bite like crazy, but so do the mosquitos.