Sunday, February 18, 2007

A garden update in pictures

Pea vines ('Tall Telephone') have reached the top of my seven-foot frame.Fava bean ('Windsor) blossoms.
Blueberries ('Emerald')
Chickasaw Plum blossoms.

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Alan said...

Those are some fine looking peas. Are they a sweet or soup type of pea?

I grew several varieties of northern peas last year, but didn't have the fence ready for this winter so passed on them. With the way the winter went this year it was probably just as well.

I'm encouraged to see your fava beans. I've been wanting to experiment with winte legumes and they are on my list.

My rabbit eye blueberries are just starting to blossom now. The Chickasaw plum and the pears have been for some weeks now. With the several freezes we've had since then it's anybody's guess as to whether they'll set any fruit that makes it to spring.