Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Joe Freeman's Favorite Roses

Not long ago, I condensed and reproduced a list of reliable and easy to care for roses for Central Florida. Here's another list of favorite roses, this one from the excellent book, The Florida Gardener's Book of Lists by Lois Trigg Chaplin. Joe Freeman, according to the book, is the chief horticulturalist at Cypress Gardens. I've starred the roses that were also mentioned in the Orlando Sentinel's best rose list.

Abraham Darby* (English)
Belinda's Dream* (Shrub)
Carefree Beauty (Floribunda)
Chestnut Rose (Rosa rosburghii)
Gold Medal* (Grandiflora)
Heritage* (English)
Louis Phillipe* (China)
Maitland White (Noisette)
Mr. Lincoln* (Hybrid Tea)
Mutabilis* (China)
Nur Mahal (Hybrid Musk)
Old Blush (China)
Othello (English)
Pink Pet* (Polyantha)
Prosperity* (Hybrid Musk)
Smith's Parish (Bermuda)
Sombreuil (Climbing Tea)
Spice (Bermuda)
St. David (Bermuda)

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