Thursday, March 06, 2008

Summer plantings...

Even though we're forecast to have a very cool week (highs in the 60s... in March! That's been rare the past few years...), I decided to transplant and seed some of my plants for the summer season before heading to work today.... Very briefly:
  1. Sungold Tomato, the most prolific, tastiest tomato I grow
  2. Two cucumbers that I started a few weeks ago in cups, from Pinetree: BUSH CROP (55 days)
    and SALAD BUSH (F1 Hybrid 56 days)
  3. Goose Creek Tomato (thanks, Bill!)
  4. my "Seminole Squash" wilding from this past fall
  5. Rattlesnake Beans (several weeks going now)
  6. Cherokee Purple (from winter garden)
  7. Better Boy (from winter garden)
I already have a number of peppers going: Jalapeno and Ancho (both sown sometime this winter); and Tabasco, Pimiento de Padron, and banana peppers, all survivors from last spring. Many of my peppers are in pots, but the ones in the ground do pretty well and are less of a hassle to keep watered.

Some of my lettuce crops have bolted; they've been in the ground for months, so regardless of warm or cold temperatures, these were bound to bolt soon. I plan to replace them soon with Queensland lettuce from ECHO and more cuttings from my Okinawan Spinach.

With the exception of cowpeas and sweet potatoes, that'll be it for my summer veg garden. The cukes will be destroyed by the pickleworm by mid-May (sigh) The runner beans and tomatoes will produce into July, when they'll burn out or begin to suffer too badly from pests. I'll harvest sweet potatoes and cowpeas from mid-June until frost. I might try some yucca this summer.

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