Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Flatwoods Plum and Flowering Dogwood

These trees are across from my office, so I've watched them carefully over the past seven or eight years. This year, by far, is the best for blooms that I've seen, presumably because of a relatively cool (more like average, at least) winter. The Flowering Dogwood (Cornus florida) (on the left) is really outside its zone, which ends around Ocala. And given the tough growing conditions (in the swale of a very busy intersection, no irrigation, no fertilizer), it's a wonder it blooms at all. The Flatwood Plum (it may be a Chickasaw, but I know the source of the tree, and I suspect it's a Flatwood) is a cloud of white blooms that's been blooming for at least two weeks like this.
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jeff-nhn said...

Thank you for sharing this beautiful picture. The 'Cornus florida' is hardy to zone 9. You must be right on the zone border of 9 - 10. With the growing conditions you describe that’s a powerful endorsement for these trees. Especially the White Dogwood 'Cornus florida'.