Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Fruit census...

My daughter asked me what fruits I had growing in my garden...
  • Two peaches (Flordabell, FlordaPrince)
  • Nectarine (Sunred)
  • Six citrus (Honeybell Tangelo, Hamlin Orange, Owari Satsuma (these all on Flying Dragon), Sambokan Lemon, a Kumquat and a Navel Orange)
  • Figs: ('Alma,' 'Brown Turkey,' 'Kadota,' 'LSU Purple' and 'Celeste.')
  • Brambles: Bababerry, unidentified blackberry, unidentified raspberry (from tony_k), and a 'Brazos' blackberry
  • Blueberries: Woodard,Blue Gem, Brightwell, Gulf Coast, Sharpblue, Emerald
  • Grapes: Nesbitt, Black Spanish, Bronze Fry
  • Strawberries (Chandlers mostly) (these are annuals in Florida)
  • Pomegranate (Grenada)
  • Pommes (Anna Apple, Dorsett Golden Apple, Hood Pear Tree) (all of these grow on a trellis)
  • Papaya (Waimanalo)
  • Mulberry (Black Beauty Mulberry Tree, unidentified weeping dwarf)
  • Carambola ('Sri Kambangum')
  • Bananas (four kinds, mostly dwarf, including Oronico & Ice Cream)
  • Mango (Cogshall)

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bill said...

hello !

I want to stay in touch and see how your plants are doing . I live in Jax Fla. and have planted a hood p[ear and some other one that I forgot what it is..are your self pollinating ? I also have a Flordaking peacha nd am picking up a maypride this sat. Ive got a anna apple and will add a dorsett golden this sat as well.
Tell me how old your plants are , are any fruiting and how are the blueberries ? I have two. Ive got thompson seedles grapes and concord seedless..Im getting a relaince plant this sat. I also have 3 typs of plums but fear a mess because none seem to flower at the same time therefore killing my pollination needs ...any ideas /pix ?..well im at work so ive gotta go but none of my plants seem to be old enough to fruit and just wanted to her about yours.