Friday, March 07, 2008


It's pouring out there right now -- my guess is we've had at least an inch of rain, with much more expected. It's just too wet to even check the rain gauge. I did my spring fertilizing today, so this rain is particularly welcome.

We almost never get this weather in the middle of March. I'm planning on doing some major landscaping projects tomorrow, so for me this is perfect. It's been, overall, a fairly cool winter here -- witness the dogwoods and Prunus blooms, which are a lot more florid than in recent memory. I'll have to take some pictures...

Update: They've dropped the forecast to thirty-five degrees. Brrrr. Keep in mind that it was eighty-three yesterday!

Holy Cow Update: I woke up in the middle of the night to the sound of an intense rainstorm -- drops so huge that I thought initially someone was walking up the old wooden staircase to our bedroom. This morning the gauge read three-and-a-half inches! On top of the half-inch earlier this week and the inch last week. March is usually a pretty dry month, averaging just under four inches of rain in a normal year.

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Anonymous said...

I started making a large vegetable plot last weekend and was going to finish it up this weekend. It is too muddy from all the rain.

N in Lake Mary