Sunday, March 09, 2008

Fruits in early spring

Flordaprince peach tree, leafing out. I pruned this tree back heavily in December.

A breba fig from what I'm pretty sure is an 'Alma' fig. There are about a dozen ripening fruit on the tree. It's my only fig in the ground (the rest are in pots). Last season, it's first in the garden, it produced a couple of handfuls of fruit. I prunded it back very hard, to about thirty-two inches, which I'm sure cost me a bunch of early figs, but was necessary because the fig was growing out of bounds. On the fig forum, I've read how many growers cut their figs down to as little as eighteen inches every year -- sacrificing the brebi crop, but keeping the trees very productive in the fall. (This would obviously only work in hot climates like here.)
'Dorsett' apple, breaking dormancy. Anna is still sleeping...
Sambokan lemon blooms. I have five citrus in my yard, and they're blooming in a series, perfuming the whole courtyard.

Blooms on my new 'Sri Kambangum' carambola (from ECHO's fruit nursery). It's in a three-gallon pot; I might move it to a seven-gallon, or put it in the ground. I haven't decided... It's grafted, so it might even produce some fruit this season. It's technically out of its zone here, but I have a Brazilian friend up the street growing several largish ones with only minor frost damage this year. She harvested hundreds of fruits.


Anonymous said...

Hi, Grandmotherbear from and gardenweb. We have a Southern 3 in 1 grafted apple from Raintree Nursery-Anna, Golden Doreset, and Einshmer. They are all trying to set fruit and when I suggest thinning a few to DH he acts like I suggested murdering a pet. We got it last summer and stripped the leaves to simulate cold stress since we are in zones9/10.

bill said...

Im soo nervous of the multi-fruit trees,, they seem relatively new and untested , I wonder what is the expected life of these types of tree ? well Im not trying to be negative just inquisitev. Im in Jax fl are and my anna apple is still dormant..she pooped to life with leaves and flowers during a warm spell last month but frost 4 days later seems to have shell-shocked her..she looks dead ..any ideas ?

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