Sunday, December 02, 2007

Persimmon and Purple Sugar Cane

At Ernie's, I got a new kind of persimmon, a Sharon. Tasty. Reminds me of a cross between a cantaloupe and a fresh date. With a little bit of complexity, like a citrus cinnamon. Nice. I also bought a cool purple sugarcane. Stuck it in the ground. We'll see how it goes.

Oh, I finished cleaning up the limbs from having our canopy raised in the back yard. Water oaks. Blech. But they'd be very expensive to remove, and they are pretty trees. I had the trimmer leave the limbs behind, so his crew wouldn't rip up my garden. It was a pile about seven feet tall by twenty feet. Argh. Spent all day yesterday and a good part of today sawing it into manageable pieces, packing it tight in the truck, and driving it to the dump. Made it in two trips (extended bed pickups are nice!), along with a big pile at the street.

Now I can move along with my latest backyard plans. I started work on my composting areas: Three piles. One for smallish limbs &c. that will take a year to decay, another for smaller landscape junk and leaves, and a third bin for household refuse. That last stuff turns into humus gold in just a couple months here, so long as you turn it and keep adding brown materials.

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