Wednesday, December 12, 2007

ECHO -- Educational Concerns for Hunger Organization

ECHO is, for me, the ultimate authority on all things gardening in FLA -- check the chill-unit requirement here that they list for Anna, Tropic Sweet and Dorsett: "50-150." That's anywhere from half to one-quarter the chill-hour requirement I've seen elsewhere. Very interesting...

ECHO -- Educational Concerns for Hunger Organization: "The low chill varieties listed below require 50 - 150 chill hours for strong flowering and vigorous growth. Chill units are the number of hours the temperature stays between 32-55º F. Most effective chilling occurs with continuing temperatures below 45 º F. 'Anna' has red skin and is the most widely planted apple cultivar in Florida. The fruit of 'Anna' resembles that of 'Red Delicious' more than other low-chill apple cultivars. Originally from Israel, this large apple can be eaten green similar to 'Granny Smith,' or can be allowed to ripen to desired sweetness. 'Dorsett Golden' looks like 'Golden Delicious' with golden skin and sometimes a red blush. This cultivar was discovered in the Bahamas and is crisp and juicy with excellent flavor. ++ 'Tropic Sweet' is a newly patented variety from the University of Florida. This low acid, very sweet apple has green skin with a red blush, and flavor similar to the 'Gala' apple."

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