Monday, December 10, 2007

Gordon's Grove

The boy-child and I went here today, to pick some fruit for my brother in New York. Nice, well-tended grove. Nothing really interesting, but they only charge $8 for a big five-gallon bucket of citrus (two paper grocery bags). What fun! Highly recommended.

"Gordon’s Grove, 1624 Hazen Road, DeLand, FL 32720 Telephone: (386) 734-0620 Products: Navel oranges, grapefruits, red navels, amber sweet, Orlando tangelos, white tangelos, Hamlin oranges Late-October through March."


Anonymous said...

My family and I went here several times last year. The fruit was excellent, and we had a great time wandering the groves. It is now mid November and we just received a call that they have started picking fruit and can't wait to go. Again, we will make several trips this year. Great healthy family fun. I've even sent their fruit to folks up north to enjoy! Highly recommend the visit.

Anonymous said...

My husband, two cousins and I went to Gordon's Grove today. We had a wonderful time! It was my first time there, and am now convinced that Florida oranges are truly the very best!